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Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp heads into Week 18 with a chance to pass Calvin Johnson and set a new record for receiving yards in a single season.

The quarterback who will be throwing the ball his way is the same one that helped Johnson set that record with the Lions in 2012. Matthew Stafford spent his entire career in Detroit before being traded to the Rams this offseason and Kupp’s big year has been one of many positives for the quarterback in his first season with his new team.

“It’s a cool thing to be a part of it,” Stafford said, via Kevin Modesti of the Los Angeles Daily News. “It makes me feel lucky I got to play with two great players in different eras.”

A big game from Kupp would help the Rams’ bid to beat the 49ers and make Stafford a division champion for the first time in his career. He’d then move onto trying for his first playoff win and checking off both those boxes would make the move to L.A. a successful one on many fronts for both Stafford and the Rams.